Thank You Veterans

On Thursday, November 10, 2022, Beman Middle School's Student Council hosted its annual Veterans Breakfast. This event has been held annually since 1984; this is it's 38th year!

This year, there were 17 veterans in attendance along with 48 students from Beman Middle School. The breakfast is a wonderful event that brings history alive for students. Student Council Members are seated at the tables with two veterans at each table. While seated together, the veterans share their experiences with the students. Many bring memorabilia, photos, journals, etc, to share with the students. The students ask questions throughout the conversation. Every 20 minutes, the veterans rotated to a different table, allowing the students to hear from and speak with many of the veterans.

To coordinate this event, the Student Council members invited relatives and staff members invited family members. Additionally, the staff at Beman works with the local veterans' organization and American Legion Post 75 to invite veterans to this annual event. 

In addition to this annual breakfast, the middle school's Student Council plays a part in placing flags at the Veterans' Cemetery on Bow Lane twice a year: the Saturday before Veterans Day and the Saturday before Memorial Day. During these flag placing events, there are 15,000 flags placed in the cemetery. 

We are proud of the knowledge and connections to the past that our student council members have gained through these experiences.

Thank you, Mr. John Geary, for submitting this story!

Below are some photos from the event. All students' faces have been covered for privacy purposes.